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acqua effect



Welcome to our new gradient colour concept! Just as the boho look carries on its legacy thanks to new influences, the ANCHOR trend designers are also continually on the look out for inspiration to create new things. Therefore, we are delighted to present our new FRECCIA colours.


Inspired by the beauty of nature, we have developed nine new shades and split them into three groups of three. The shades in each of these groups blend so perfectly with each other that we have merged them into one colour. The magic word here is “gradient”, which describes how the individual colours transition from one to the other. This process creates delicate, dream-like nuances and opens up a whole new world of crafting possibilities. 


9 new Freccia Colours

Make this summer your unique and discover the colour blend that best fits your personality. Are you inspired by the depths of the ocean or the spectacular colours of the sunset? Or maybe cool, powdery, rosé and pearl shades appeal more to you? How about strong, summery good-mood colours? Whatever your vibe, you’ll be sure to find it here!



Boheme chic



All designs are available for DOWNLOAD and these are the new colours matching each gradient effect (also available in 3 different thicknesses: tck 6 , tck 12 and tck 16):


Acqua: 00666, 00671, 00685        Pearl: 00589,00653, 00580     Twilight: 00600, 00583, 00680



Discover your favourite colour blend and enjoy making your project!


You can find this yarn for sell in stores and online here:

- Las Tijeras Magicas

- Die Zauberscheren

- Les Ciseaux Magiques









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