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Anchor is a premium quality, fashion-inspired crafts brand that inspires people to express their unique style. Here at Anchor we believe that whatever your skill level or whatever you want to make if you can imagine it you should be able to create it with Anchor! That's why we work with hundreds of designers around the world to bring you the most inspirational designs, both traditional and cutting edge. We also produce the highest quality threads and the widest colour ranges allowing you to pick, choose and experience the joy of creating. Whether on your own or with others, making something unique for yourself or for your loved ones, Anchor supports you through every step of your creative journey.


Our Heritage


With over 250 years of experience across 67 countries, Anchor built on generations of expertise and passion, developing high quality threads to suit all forms of creative crafts worldwide. The Anchor brand can trace its history back to 1866 when the Clark family adopted the Anchor brand for their embroidery threads manufactured in Paisley, Scotland. Embroidery threads came into being circa 1812 when supplies of silk became unobtainable in the UK due to a blockade by Napoleon. Two weavers, James and Patrick Clark, turned their attention to cotton and managed to produce yarn which was sufficiently fine, smooth and strong to be used instead of silk for weaving. Sewing thread was primarily silk or linen at the time and the Clark brothers developed their cotton yarn into the first cotton sewing thread.


And thus was born what was to become the world-famous Anchor embroidery threads brand.


Anchor heritage Paisley factory


In 1896 Coats, another local Paisley based family who specialised in sewing threads, joined forces with the Clark family to operate as J&P Coats, thus becoming the biggest thread manufacturer and exporter in the world. 


Of vital importance for Coats was the protection of quality levels and colour standards across all their European mills - and every care was taken to continue to adhere to exact specifications laid down by Coats global quality standards - which still apply today. As years passed, the volumes of needlecraft threads consumed across the world declined as fashions and trends changed. As a result, Coats decided to merge their production facilities across Europe - resulting in the manufacture of Anchor threads being moved from Scotland to Freiburg in Germany, where Coats embroidery threads were manufactured to the same exact specifications.


With the transfer of the production from the UK to Germany the Anchor Stranded Cotton merged with Mez Sticktwist, already a family name in Germany and adopted a new pan-European Anchor branding under Anchor Stranded, Mouline, Sticktwist. With our ongoing focus on quality and performance it is still our strong belief that Anchor represents "Quality without Compromise" and that "If it's worth stitching ... it's worth stitching with Anchor".


Today, the Anchor brand in Europe is manufactured by Mezcrafts in our "original" Nagyatad mill in Hungary - to the exact global specifications and standards adopted all those years ago by Coats. Only top quality 100% Giza long-staple cotton fibres are used to ensure the strength and lustre of Anchor cotton embroidery threads - to provide nothing but top-quality threads for all types of stitching techniques - from Cross Stitch to Hardanger or Free-Style embroidery.



Anchor offers the highest quality products with long lasting performance and wide variety of options.


Whether you're just starting on your journey you're a skilled crafter, with Anchor you will find a wide variety of threads with colours, thicknesses and compositions suitable for all craft techniques. Whether made from mercerised Egyptian cotton, pure new wool, metallic or viscose/rayon - all Anchor threads offer endless possibilities.


Anchor's colourful range comprises an assortment of vibrant, consistent and bright shades with fabulous contrasting colours to give your projects outstanding results. With over 460 shades in stranded cotton, Anchor enriches its colour palette and designs with the latest trends and fashion styles.


The Anchor brand remains world-famous today - with the Anchor brand also being used for machine embroidery and crochet as well as for embroidery threads and kits. Anchor offer the colours, the textures and the quality - now and forever!


Anchor Quality Promise


The original promise of strength and quality is still paramount to the Anchor brand ideology - combined with a wide assortment of textures and colours - "As colourful as your Imagination".

Our threads are manufactured using the latest technology and methods of dyeing. All our cotton threads are produced in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100, ensuring that our products are free from banned azo dyes, as well as carcinogenic and allergenic dyestuffs.

It is vital to us that the manufacturing techniques we employ result in products which could not be considered as health hazard. PH values are regularly tested to ensure that our products will not irritate the skin and all articles are tested for friction, perspiration, saliva and water fastness levels to ensure that every dye lot adheres to Global fastness standards. This makes them eminently suitable for clothing items for babies and toddlers up to the age of 3 years.

anchor sustainability commitment

We are actively engaged in environmental protection and corporate responsibility. We are consistently working to improve our sustainability through internal and external audits as well as being heavily involved in researching new ways in which to deliver our sustainability commitment in the most efficient way.

We are proud to receive certification on a regular basis: ISO 9001 - Quality Management System / ISO 14001 - Environment Management System / Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certification / SMETA Certification / REACH Standard compliance.

With positive impact on the environment:


                                        anchor bullet point      High energy efficiency production

                                        anchor bullet point      Minimal textile waste

                                        anchor bullet point      Low water consumption

                                        anchor bullet point      Chemical free wastewater

                                        anchor bullet point      Highly economical use of dyes and chemicals

                                        anchor bullet point      100% compliance in terms of restricted chemicals

                                        anchor bullet point      Reduced CO2 emissions


   Thereby continuously building and improving our ecological footprint in the World!




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