Kind to the skin and naturally breathable yarn!


Anchor Cotton ‘n’ linen yarn is made from 100% natural vegetal based fibres, combining a rich blend of 60% organic cotton and 40% high quality linen. Kind to skin, the yarn is also highly breathable and odour resistant, helping to keep garments cool and fresh and making it the perfect choice for Spring/Summer.  Anchor Cotton ‘n’ Linen combines a wonderful smooth touch, sophisticated finish and beautiful drape, to make timeless garments which are always in style. The inspiring colour palette features 20  beautifully rustic shades, from delicate pastels to strong accent colours full of personality, all carefully created with vegetable based dyes. We only use GOTS certified Organic Cotton fibres, and high quality linen, meaning you can be sure the yarn is spun from superior and responsibly sourced materials. 

strong and durable yarn, created for conscious crafters. Anchor Cotton ‘n’ Linen is highly versatile and suited to all kinds of projects, from women’s fashion to home décor pieces, it also works beautifully in both knitted and crocheted techniques. And it is particularly adaptable for lace patterns, textured patterns and ajour patterns.

Anchor Cotton 'n' Linen is now available on our online store or at your local retailer. You can start testing this beatiful yarn with this trendy crochet, pattern available for free here.



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Happy crafting!




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