The Colours of Emotion


Colours of emotion campaign


Babies cannot yet tell us what they are feeling but from their very first day their emotional experience is complex and diverse. In particular newborn babies need our full support to face a new world and to feel totally secure. This was the aim behind the "Octopus Initiative" which was founded in Denmark in 2013.


A group of volunteers crocheted colourful octopi made from high quality crochet cotton which were then distributed amongst premature babies. The idea behind it: the tentacles of the charming, cuddly creatures are like an umbilical cord - providing the little preemies with a pleasant and calming reminder of their time in their mother's womb. We at Anchor are proud to contribute to the well-being of premature babies:


7 octopus


As we also understand that from the very beginning of our lives colours can strongly affect our feelings and our whole body, so we can specifically use them to relieve sorrows and to positively influence our mood. Our Anchor Octopus campaign reveals new ways of how to support the littlest ones with their start in life and help them to feel more at ease, safe and secure. You can find 7 different colour variations, which are tailor made to the individual needs of your little darling:


We have also created several Octopus kits in which you can find all the tools necessary to make your Octopus:


Octo kit


Our Anchor Creativa Fino yarn is highly recommended for newborn and premature babies thanks to its excellent cotton quality, softness and stability. It's a lightweight, hypor-allergenic and breathable yarn, washable up to 60ºC.  Made from natural fibre it is very easy to handle and with a distinctive soft and silky touch.


You can buy these beautiful kits on our Online Store here.



We wish you and your baby a lot of fun with your Octopus friend!









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