Meet Anke Muller!




Fashion designer and owner of Cherry Picking brand, Anke Muller is an entrepreneur that followed her passion for fashion. Among other amazing projects Anke Muller created two very usefull tools that make it possible to produce several and perfect Pompoms and Tassels!  



- Tell us a little about yourself.


I always LOVED fashion - before I even finished school I took part in a nationwide sewing competition, which I won! So After finishing my "Abitur" I started studying fashion design in Stuttgart. From there I moved to New York!! I always loved the city and wanted to work there, which I did for Donna Karan. Back in Germany I became the sole responsible Designer for lingerie, swim & loungewear for companies like Triumph and Marco Polo. But at some stage in my life I wanted to be independent and so in 2002 I founded my own company "Cherry Picking" which I run till today.


- How did crafting became a big part of your life?


Even as a child I loved playing with all kind of materials: fabrics, clay, wood you name it! I loved crafting new stuff, new dresses for my dolls, new furniture for them to live in, even a flipbook to keep them entertained. 

I literally dreamed up new "things" and fashioned them from all kind of materials...


- Tell us about Cherry Picking and some of the tools you created.


Founded in 2002 I started with my own lingerie for pregnant women. A niche product, nice looking lingerie for expecting mothers were at that time frightfully underrepresented in the German market. We produced everything in Germany, I visited fairs and customers in the whole Europe. We constantly fine-tuned the production along the way and we did all that for 10 happy years.


During that time I became a mother and of course being me I had to invent new toys and books for him. And so one thing leading to another, when the other mothers saw these novelties in books and papeterie they urged me to offer them in my shop. So, as he grew in length my new product line grew with him and not just for kids but also for mothers and families. Eventually that replaced my lingerie business. Being independent I have one big advantage, I can react to all the changes around me real quick. With my son came new products, with the change in technology and the arrival of the Social Media came new incentives which turned around my creativity and my business again!! I started working for the idustry, as a freelance adviser to develop new trends and help influencers in their work. But as fashion is the one love in my professional live which I wil always feel attached to, I keep creating fashion collections. I design the fabrics. Decide with which materials they are produced, develop the colours and the sewing patterns. I love to sew!!! If I get the chance to spend a few hours at the sewing machine I notice that I relax and can breathe freely again, sewing makes me happy!




While working on a new fabric collection I had the idea to develop a new tool for making Pompom´s and tassels. Of course I had made Pompom's all my life, but just one! at the time and for my new fashion line I needed hundreds of them! So sitting there and contemplating the problem at hand I came upu with this brand new PomPom maker (9 Pompom's in one go!) and to do the thing properly I also invented a new tassel tool. I asked a German company to develop the prototypes for me and start the firts production. Offering them in my Cherry Picking online shop and through my numerous contacts in the industry and Social Media I encountered an enthusiastic reaction. The people loved it and the industry wanted it. I eventually decided upon a cooperation with MEZ and we are all very happy with the worlwide sucess we are having with Pick & Pom and Tasselinchen. 


- You have recently collaborated with a new Anchor collection, can you share your experience?


With Anchor I started two DIY's so far. We launched some baby products, among others a crib mobile and of course a cushion with Pompons. I love Anchor colours, they are a delicate pastel but at the same time very expressive.


PomponsAnke Muller


- How do you normally get inspiration?


You can find inspiration EVERYWHERE, keep your mind open and your eyes peeled. sometimes you have to follow your emotions and the idea follows. Sometimes your mind starts racing an you develop consciously a new idea, with logic and experience. So you need it all, gut feeling, brainwave and hard work. In the end you have a new product in your hands.


- Where can your fans follow your work?


Hello everyone, if you want to know more about me and my work you can find me here:












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