New Website Launch



We are thrilled to announce the launch of our company’s corporate website: MEZ Needlecraft. With a legacy of more than 250 years, and guided by the motto “the joy of crafting”, MEZ Needdlecraft is proud to showcase its diverse and top-quality crafts portfolio which includes brands like Anchor, Milward, MEZfabrics and MEZsewings.


When we started the process of designing our website, we had the main goal in mind to strengthen the MEZ Needlecraft brand, display our products better and provide our visitors an easier access to the latest information about our brands and products.


Designed with a fresh new look and user-friendly navigation, the website is split into three main sections – About, Brands and Contact – to make it easy for users to find information. Responsive design allows you to access and browse the website on multiple devices.


On the brands portfolio section, you will have access to the product range and catalogue for each brand. We have also created several new graphics and multimedia additions to enhance the experience on our website – such as downloadable brochures and patterns.


Addresses and contacts of MEZ Needlecrafts regional offices are listed on the ‘Contact’ section making it much simpler for you to reach out to local markets and have your queries answered.


On Anchor Crafts page inside the website, you will have access to the brand’s product categories and all links will re-direct you to the Anchor Crafts website, where all product updates and news will continue to be published.


Head over to to discover our brand-new visual identity!


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