NEW Lammas Day Shawl Crochet Along



To celebrate the launch of our newest yarn Anchor Organic Cotton we have collaborated with Heather from Keep Calm and Crochet On UK to host an exciting new CAL!


Lammas – or “Loaf Mass” - is a festival which traditionally celebrates the start of the harvest and is often marked by baking bread in the shape of corn, wheat or figures. 

Inspired by this festival, Heather has created the perfect autumnal make; a beautiful textured shawl crocheted in 5 earthy, harvest themed shades of Anchor Organic Cotton. The finished shawl will be the perfect wrap for autumn evenings and we can’t help but think of those warm late-summer sunsets over wheat fields every time we see it!

If you’ve never joined a CAL (crochet-along) before now is the perfect time to try. CALs are a brilliant way to learn new skills and techniques as well as enjoying creating a beautiful, finished piece alongside other crafters.

You will be able to join in and crochet with Heather as she releases a new part of the pattern each week and shows you exactly how to tackle every stage of the design. The crochet along is supported by video tutorials, as well as step by step written instructions/patterns.


How to Join In

The CAL will be hosted at Heather's Blog and you can also follow over on Facebook to join Heather’s crochet community


As Heather releases a new part of the pattern each week, she will show you exactly how to tackle every stage of the design. The crochet along is supported by video tutorials, as well as step by step written instructions and charts.

The CAL begins on 1st August with helpful hints on yarn amounts, and planning for what you’ll need, and then Part 1 “ploughing and sprigs” begins on August 13th. There are 4 parts in total being released throughout August into September – see below for the dates of the schedule.

16 July 2021 CAL details – About the design and colours, the start date and schedule
Lammas Day
1 August 2021
CAL Planning – Yarn amounts and hook size and details on support for the CAL
13 August 2021 Part 1 – Ploughing and Sprigs
20 August 2021 Part 2 – Shoots and Growth
27 August 2021 Part 3 – Bringing in the Wheat
3 September 2021 Part 4 – Abundance and Heritage

What materials do I need?

•    Anchor Organic Cotton yarn (for shades & amounts see top of page)
•    A 3.75 mm crochet hook (US F/5)
•    Scissors
•    A yarn needle
•    2 x stitch marker


Share your progress with us!


The hashtags for this CAL are #LammasDayCAL #proud2craft #anchorcrafting and #kcacouk for Twitter and Instagram. We would also love it if you can tag KCACO.UK and AnchorCrafting on Instagram so we don’t miss your posts!


There is no charge to join the CAL! Anyone can join in as long as they have some yarn and a hook. So, head to Heather's Blog and join in on the fun


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