New Anchor Stitchalong - Launching November 2023


Cuddly up and create a cosy haven with the new Anchor Winter Warmer Stitchalong, in collaboration with The Barmy Fox. (


Have you always wanted to try freestyle embroidery but not really known where to start? Taking part in a stitchalong is the perfect way to learn!


You will be able to join in and stitch alongside Tory from The Barmy Fox as she shows you how to tackle a different part of the design each day. Along the way she will show you how to prepare your materials and trace your design, as well as how to embroider different types of stitches to create your very own cosy winter themed embroidery design, all with a generous side helping of useful advice and friendly chatter!


Sound good? Find out more below about how to take part…



How do I join?


The stitchalong will go live on Instagram @thebarmyfox each day, starting on 6th November 2023. However, Tory at The Barmy Fox will be sharing useful tips and tricks, including how to choose your fabric and prepare your design, so do follow beforehand to help you prepare for the start!


Can anyone join, and how much does it cost?


Of course, and it is absolutely free! All you will need is your materials (for details see below), and a way to watch the video each day.


I can’t join in at the time the stitchalong goes live, can I still take part?


Yes. Each day immediately after the live class, Tory will save the video to IGTV and upload to her YouTube channel too, meaning you can join in at any time. Great if you want to re-watch a bit, you’re on a different time zone, or you are busy during the day! I’ve never stitched anything before, will it be suitable for beginners? Absolutely! Tory is on hand to guide you through each step and will teach you all the basics before you even begin to stitch – including which fabrics to use, how to split your threads, thread a needle, and begin stitching. There is plenty of guidance for those who need it, but the stitchalong will be just as much fun for those who have embroidered before.


Help! I don’t think I’m very artistic / I’m worried I can’t do the design…


Don’t panic! Tory has designed a wonderful seasonal pattern which is full of cosy winter essentials ready for you to stitch. We are sure you’ll be able to stitch with confidence and create a beautiful embroidery you’ll be proud of!


All you need to do is download the pattern template, print it off (in black and white) and trace the outline onto your fabric. There are different ways to do this, and Tory will show you how ahead of the first class.


Where do I download the pattern template?


You can find the design outline and a list of all materials here:



What materials do I need?


A full list is included on the pattern download, but please see an overview here:


Winter Warmer Stitchalong Materials List


• Embroidery Needle

  size 7

• Small scissors

• A pen or pencil

• Print out of the design outline

• An embroidery hoop.

  8” size (or larger)

• Fabric

  white or light-coloured woven cotton or linen type material is best.

Embroidery Thread


  Anchor Stranded Cotton 8 m Art. No. 4635000-*(colour no.)

  1 x *00001, *00403, *01025, *00052, *00295, *00830, *00214, *00216 *01036, *00160, *00905


  Anchor Stranded Cotton Multi-Colour 8m Art no. 4615000- * (colour no.)

  1 x *01342




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