New Addition to Anchor First Kits Collection


Did you know that arts and crafts support children in developing fine motor skills, as well as greater hand-eye coordination? We have recently launched six new kits to add to our Anchor First Kits Collection which was specifically developed for young crafters.

This collection encourages children into handicraft activities with quick and very easy projects to help them learn and develop through creativity and enjoyment. Also, these fun and doable tasks build into their feeling of accomplishment and self-esteem that naturally comes with mastering a subject.

New Anchor First Kits

The new kits are worked in tapestry embroidery and come complete with all the materials needed. The animal theme with simple lines and colourful palette makes this collection especially suited to children.

All patterns are to be executed with Anchor Soft Embroidery which is fitted for canvas work and bold style embroidery designs due to its thickness. Made from 100% Egyptian cotton, it comes in 10m skeins tightly twisted into 5 strands and it is available in a range of 255 matt-finish shades.

Kits design images are available on our website and can be purchase in stores or online on our Online Store here

Happy crafting!


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