Crafting with Children


For many crafters their first experience of making something is as a child, either at school or being taught by a friend or family member.

Lots of us have fond memories of proudly carrying a creation home from school, keen to show our family or display it in our home, or spending time sat close to a loved one as they taught us the first steps… threading a needle, and stitching carefully in and out of the fabric, or looping yarn slowly over a knitting needle or crochet hook.

Whether or not we expand our skill and continue crafting into adulthood, these early experiences can be of huge benefit to children. Crafting is an excellent way to help develop a child’s fine motor skills and improve hand-eye coordination. It can also help to teach them patience, and to see what can be achieved with dedication, as well as the feeling of pride as they begin to see their creation take shape.

For many it is an opportunity to sit quietly and focus on something, creating a bond with a friend or family member as they learn. There has been lots of research into the benefit of crafting on mental wellbeing and how the calm repetitive nature of sewing, knitting or crocheting can benefit people of all ages, and even evoke a sense of community as people learn or create together.

For children, these are valuable experiences and life skills they can take with them into adulthood, whether they continue to craft or not.

At Anchor we have a range of kits designed specifically for young crafters; Anchor First Kits encourage children into handicraft with quick and very easy designs, helping them learn and develop through creativity and enjoyment. These fun and doable projects build a feeling of accomplishment and self-esteem that naturally comes with mastering a subject.


There are kits for freestyle embroidery, cross stitch, tapestry, and long stitch. All-in eye-catching colours and featuring every character you can imagine - from pirates to fairies, unicorns to robots, and lots of different animals or motifs in between! Each one contains everything a child needs to complete their first project, including a needle and threads suitable for small hands, and easy to follow charts or pre-printed designs on the fabric.


For older children or beginner adults we also have a range of Anchor Starter Kits – designed for absolute beginners these are the perfect projects to develop skills in a range of techniques and again feature a wide range of designs, from animals and birds, to floral patterns and popular sayings – there’s something for everyone!

We believe that whatever your age or skill level, or whatever you want to make you should be able to create it with Anchor. We think it is important to encourage the next generation of crafters, and to enable everyone to experience the joy and benefits of handcrafting.

Whether on your own or with others, making something unique for yourself or for your loved ones, Anchor supports you through every step of your creative journey.

You can find Anchor First Kits on our Online Store.


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